U.S. sled hockey team wins gold at the Paralympics with last-minute heroics


The U.S. sled hockey team’s gold-medal win at the Winter Paralympics in South Korea came with a heart-stopping comeback and last-minute heroics.

The Americans were facing defeat at the hands of long-time rival Canada, until one crucial pass. With 38 seconds on the clock, 20-year-old Declan Farmer tied the game. Then, with a second goal in overtime, he clinched the win in a stunning comeback.

“Declan Farmer, I told him him after the game he was my hero because he just proved that he can really shine in those moments,” said goalie Steve Cash.

Paralympian Declan Farmer

CBS News

It was the third-straight Paralympic gold for the USA sled hockey team, and the second straight for the Princeton University sophomore. Farmer, born a double amputee, began using prosthetics when he was a year old. But never felt he could compete, successfully, until he found sled hockey.

“Sled hockey you know completely changed my life,” Farmer said. “Finding sled hockey for the first time when I was 9 was amazing. I loved it from the first time I got on the ice.”

From the beginning, his natural ability was apparent, and his goal was to be the best. Now, his star power is on full display.

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